Thursday, June 23, 2011

Inside Jokes

I realize most of these posts reference Matthew and myself when we were much younger, but that's when we made most of the memories that have stuck with me. When Matthew was in middle and high school, I was the uncool, pre-adolescent little sister. We didn't start to get closer until Matthew went to college, but then he lived 250 miles away, so even though we talked and connected more, we didn't do much together. After I went to college we grew closer still, but, again, we were separated by distance.

That's not to say we haven't bonded or done anything noteworthy with each other since we both matured. If I'm to be honest, though, most of the more recent times I have hung out with Matthew have been booze fueled nights. While I remember laughing a lot and enjoying myself, I can hardly seem to remember what was ever so funny. In short, the latter years' stories are more of the "you had to be there" variety.

There was the night we ordered pizza to my apartment at 2:30am, and when the delivery guy called to say he was outside, Matthew answered the phone with a curt, "Is this the pizza?" This sent my cousin Christopher and me into hysterics, but it's difficult to relay why. That same night marks the birth of "E-clon, the vacuum for your vacuum. From the makers of e-phone, the electronic phone. Rent it, or buy one from one of our local retailers; use it when YOU need it. E-e-e-clon!"

To this day, Matthew smiles every time I mention e-clon or ask, "Is this the pizza?," but I could never explain to an outsider what's so funny about either of these "jokes." You just kind of had to be there.

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